Individual Risk Workers' Compensation

Claims Contact Information

By Mail

Claims Department
P.O. Box 97308
Raleigh, NC 27624-7308


(888) 629-5821, Attention: Claims Department


By Phone

(866) 459-1349


Reporting a Claim

  • Contact your agent
  • New claims should be reported immediately or no later than five business days to the Claims Department by fax, email or phone.
  • Send your injured employee for medical treatment at a nearby urgent care or emergency room and request a post-accident urine screen within 24 hours.

The information needed when reporting a claim:

  • Employer Information: Policy number, telephone number and company contact.
  • Injured employee information: Name, Social Security Number, date of birth and occupation at the time of injury.
  • Incident Information: Date and time of incident, location of incident, injured worker supervisor, witness names, and person whom the incident was reported.
  • Work Status: Was the injured worker paid in full for the day of the incident, last day worked and has the injured worker returned to work.

Stay in contact with your injured employee throughout their recovery. Continue to let him/her know that they are a valued employee and that you are eager for them to return to work.