Worker's Compensation Billing/Audit

General Email:

For questions regarding your billing statement you may contact:

919-882-3500 option 2

Toll Free 800-780-7454 option 2


Loss Run Requests:
Please send request for loss run information to the following email:

For questions regarding your Final Audit Statement please contact:

Documents needed for a worker’s compensation audit:

  • Payroll ledger for audit period
  • Federal 941 Quarterly Reports
  • State Quarterly Filings
  • W-2’s and corresponding W-3’s
  • 1099’s and corresponding 1096 for subcontractors
  • Certificates of insurance for subcontractors
  • Written job descriptions for employees or subcontractors
  • Check stubs

Final audit payment plan options:

Payment plans are available in assisting you with your audit balance, please contact Policy Services:

919-882-3500 option 2, or

What happens if we can’t complete an audit?

Failure to cooperate or provide all of the documentation needed, will result in a non-compliance audit. Stonewood will charge an additional 25% of your estimated payroll and issue a cancellation on your current policy.

How to handle an audit dispute:

Audit disputes must be in writing and outline discrepancies within 30 days of the original audit invoice. Please provide documents to support your discrepancy. Only 1 revision is allowed. You may submit audit disputes to